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What is Aura Photography: A Beginners Guide

What is Aura Photography: A Beginners Guide

Aura Photography 101 

In a world increasingly built on distractions and convenience, taking the time to know yourself is both increasingly important and increasingly challenging. Aura photography, aura imaging reports and aura readings can serve as spiritual guides and sources of support in this type of work. 

So what exactly is an aura and how do you photograph it? There’s a lot to say on this topic, but we’ll help you get your feet wet with this beginner’s guide to aura photography. 

What exactly is an aura? 

In layman’s terms, your aura is your “vibe” (which is short for your vibrational frequency). Every living being has an electromagnetic field, as humans, ours can radiate as far as nine feet in every direction. 

Your aura is your energetic body. It’s how the world perceives you and the filter through which you perceive the world. When your aura is clear or healthy it can protect you from “bad vibes” and keep you calm and connected to your purpose. When it’s in need of TLC you can start to feel easily overwhelmed by the energy around you and end up feeling a little lost. 

Clearing your aura is a whole other can of worms that we’ll open on a different day. For now, what you need to know is that aura photography can help you understand the current state of your aura. 

What does an aura look like?

Auras come in a variety of colors which can change as your health, mood, and energy levels fluctuate. These colors are a window into your current mental, physical, and spiritual state. 

The best way to find out what your aura looks like is to have it imaged or photographed. We are currently the only aura photography provider in Salem, MA using only official Inneractive™  cameras.

Aura photography VS aura imaging reports: What’s the difference? 

Industry terminology can be confusing, but don’t let the jargon intimidate you. There are a couple of avenues to getting a snapshot of your aura and its colors, and both of them are incredibly easy. 

Aura imaging reports are generated by placing your hand on an AuraCloud® 3D scanner which then captures an image of the colors of your aura.  The photo is included in the report with corresponding aura charts.  A 2 page includes a quick summary explaining the aura color meanings.  A 15 page report is a lot more in depth and includes aura charts, aura graphs, and an aura script for anyone who wants to really geek out on their own aura. Either way, it’s a fantastic tool for working with vision boards and intentions.

Aura Imaging 2-page report
Aura Imaging 2-page report
Aura imaging 15-page report
Aura imaging 15-page report

Aura photography can only be done using an Aura Camera® 6000. This special camera is hooked up to two charged metal plates containing biofeedback centers which read your hand as the camera opens for a long double exposure. The result is a beautiful portrait of you surrounded by a cloud-like network of colors – your aura! These photographs make beautiful keepsakes or souvenirs of a specific time of your life. Some people have them taken regularly alongside a specific date in the zodiac calendar, on their birthdays, or on other special anniversaries. 

Aura Photography
Aura Photography


What is an aura reading?

At ASCEND Get Lifted, your aura photo can be accompanied by a variety of readings and reports that explain, in various degrees of depth and detail, the meaning of the colors, their density, opacity, and placements. For more information on the different options, you can visit our aura photography page. 

Who invented aura photography?

Aura photography (aka Kirlian photography) was invented by a Russian electrician named Semyon Kirilan and his wife Valentina in 1939. They captured electrical emanations on film and felt sure these photographs could provide key psychic insights. 


Flash forward to the 1970s when a guy named Guy Coggins piggy backed off the Kirian’s discoveries and invented the AuraCam6000, the same camera used today. 

Reading your aura photograph 

You can break your aura photograph down into three sections. The right side illustrates feelings and themes you might be carrying with you from your past, what you’re grieving, and how others perceive you. The left side shows you what you’re anticipating, the direction you’re moving towards, and the more future-minded dreamy qualities of your personality. The center, right above your head is a mirror of your current state. Your most present hopes, dreams, emotions, and energetic state. 

Most of us have a dominant color or colors. The breadth of your aura’s reach is a reflection of its strength. The stronger an aura, the more charming and magnetic a person tends to be.

ASCEND Get Lifted’s take on aura color meanings

Aura Color Meaning Chart
Aura Color Meaning Chart

This aura color meaning chart is a great place to start, but there is so much more to learn by interpreting the colors of your aura. An aura report or reading will help you get a closer look at your colors and their significance. We’ve also gone a little deeper into what each color means here.

White orbs in your aura photo 

Spirit guides can sometimes appear in your aura photograph to remind you that they’re here for you. When they do, they tend to show up as little white orbs surrounding you. 

How often should you have your aura photographed? 

Think of your aura photograph as a map of your current state of being. It can guide you to understanding what parts of you are most vibrant, and which need a little extra love. 

Since your state is constantly changing and evolving, you can have your aura photographed over and over again and have different results every time, depending on what you’re going through and how you’re feeling. 

Some people choose to have their auras photographed regularly as a check in, and others do it once to get a better understanding of themselves in a difficult moment. 

Understanding your aura photograph

Aura imaging reports and readings are available to help you better understand what you see in your aura photograph.  We’ve even created a few handy charts for you in this blog post.

Whether you’re a believer or just curious, aura photography is a really beautiful and artistic way to have yourself photographed and a nice souvenir of a specific moment in time. 


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