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Online orders will be processed within 24 business hours.

All orders over $44 (before tax) qualify for free ground shipping.

Everything else is shipped via ground for a flat rate of $10.

We currently only ship within the US. But we’re working hard to change that really soon!

Once shipped, you’ll receive an email with the tracking information.

Unfortunately, because orders are processed as early as same-day, it is not possible to change/modify/cancel an order once it has been received.

We believe very firmly in the quality of our products and will replace any damaged or defective product(s) within 90 days.

Please note however, that we do not offer refunds or exchanges for any other reason. Please read product descriptions carefully to ensure you’re aware of product size, materials, colors, etc. before purchasing.

We completely understand the frustration of a missing package. Unfortunately, we are not liable for stolen or misdirected packages. Your best bet is to file a claim with the postal service.

Oh no! This almost never happens. But if it does, please contact the store for support or more information.

At ASCEND, we're committed to eco-friendly practices because we care about our planet's future! 🌱 We take pride in our sustainable business model, from ethical sourcing to intentional packaging. By reusing all packaging materials from our vendors—including packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and paper—we not only recycle but also significantly reduce our environmental footprint. 📦♻️

Join us as we strive to leave the lightest footprint possible for future generations. Together, we can make a difference! 🌟

Yes, all our crystals are 100% genuine. The only exceptions are fun human-enhanced crystals such as opalite, sandstone, and cherry quartz. These are made from natural materials, but they undergo specific processes to enhance the source material.

The short answer is: carefully! We do our research in seeking out reputable sellers with authenticity guarantees. We also ask a lot of questions about how and where crystals are sourced, and who is sourcing the crystals, rocks, or gemstones we are buying. We’re constantly learning about the many intersections of ethical sourcing and we hope to continually do better.

Handle your crystals gently and with care. Even though most are pretty sturdy, some can be rather delicate and can be damaged when handled roughly.

All of Ascend’s crystals are energetically cleansed and charged before shipping.

You’re welcome to perform your own cleansing ritual at home. Some common cleansing techniques include smoke, water, sound, moonlight, and salt.

We offer a range of materials to suit everyone’s needs.

Our fashion jewelry includes brass, copper brass alloys, and stainless steel.

Our semi-fine jewelry will include sterling silver, gold plated, gold filled, and solid gold.

Be sure to check product listings to learn more about each individual piece of jewelry’s specific metals and materials.

A little love goes a long way when it comes to caring for your jewelry, and handling with care will extend its lifespan.

Removing your jewelry before showering, swimming, sweating, and sleeping, and storing it in a cool, dry box or pouch when you’re not wearing it will keep it looking shiny and new for as long as possible.

Be mindful of products like perfumes, essential oils, lotions, or other acidic ingredients that might react with the jewelry if they make direct contact.

Gently polishing your jewelry with a clean cloth and keeping it away from direct sunlight will also keep it looking its best.

Reservations for services can be booked over the phone, online, or in person at the store (which we highly recommend during the busy season of Summer and Fall!).

But we also welcome store walk-ins if you’re feeling spontaneous.

Absolutely! You can request book a specific reader by calling the store or visiting us in store.

Each reading is unique and depends on the guide, the participant, and the technique being used…but you’ll always be treated with respect and kindness. You can feel free to ask any questions or voice concerns as everything will be kept confidential. And know that although your reader has a sincere desire to help you and will do their best, no one is capable of 100% accuracy all of the time.

Our healers will check in with you to better understand your intentions and boundaries. They will then customize your healing sessions to help you feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Readings are incredibly personal and there’s always the possibility that you may not feel connected with your reader. As long as you let us know within the first five minutes of your session, we will happily offer a refund or book you with a different reader.

The Aura camera can’t heal you, but it can serve as a map to understanding your path to improved personal wellness. The camera uses biofeedback to read energy frequencies within the electromagnetic field surrounding your body.

For more information on the camera, science and color meanings, visit our Aura Photography Page.

Hey gorgeous! We can't wait to show you your aura colors!

After you've booked your aura service online with your preferred date selected, you are all set for that date! Most likely, we will contact you by either giving you a call at the phone number you provided at the time of booking, or email, in cases of receiving an international number, to confirm the date of your booking.


Please note that our busy season is mid September to early November, and Aura Polaroid bookings made for that time are considered confirmed as soon as they are booked. Once you have booked for your preferred date, you are confirmed for that date. We will not call or email you to confirm that date with you again. You may come to the store any time we are open during the date you book for.

Aura services are all offered daily on a walk-in basis. When you book online, we reserve a space for you on the preferred day you book for. You may come at any time during the day you book for!


For our busy season (late September, all of October, early November), we will have lines outside of our store to maintain capacity limits to ensure a comfortable shopping experience for those inside the store.

There will be a special line for those who have pre-booked their services. Simply enter that line on the date of your service, let the person at the door know you have a pre-booked service, and we will take care of you then!

October is an especially busy time and afternoons can get quite busy, so if you have timed and ticketed reservations for other attractions, we recommend coming earlier in the day (we open at 10AM daily).

We are excited to see you all and ask that you be patient. We will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible!

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