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Crystals: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding and Integrating Crystals into Your Life

Infographic chart showing common crystals and their properties

Crystals 101: Bringing the Power of Crystals into Your Daily Life

In a world full of hustle and bustle, finding moments of peace and connection with yourself can be a challenge. Crystals, beautiful gems from the Earth, can be helpful companions on your journey of self-discovery and wellbeing. Confused where to start, which one to choose, or how to use them? Let's dive into the basics of crystals, how to use them, and ways you can incorporate them into your everyday routine!

Understanding Crystals: Nature's Energetic Treasures

In simple terms, crystals are like Mother Nature's precious jewels that hold unique energies and properties. Just as each person has their own distinct personality, each crystal carries its own special properties. These properties and qualities can range from promoting calmness and focus to attracting love and abundance.

How to Use Crystals: Unleashing Their Potential

Crystals can be used in various ways to enhance your daily life:

  1. Wearing Them: Adorn yourself with crystal jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, or rings to carry their energy with you wherever you go.
  2. Meditation and Mindfulness: Hold a crystal in your hand or place on your body during meditation to amplify your focus and intentions.
  3. Decorative Touch: Place crystals around your space to infuse their positive energies into your environment.
  4. Carry Them: Keep a small crystal in your pocket or bag to tap into its energy on the go.
  5. Creating Crystal Grids: Arrange different crystals in geometric patterns to amplify their collective power.

    Integrating Crystals into Your Routine: 

    1. Selecting Your Crystals: Start by choosing a few crystals that resonate with your intentions or overall goals. You can refer to the crystal chart below for popular crystals and their properties.
      Infographic chart showing many different popular crystals and their properties made by the ASCEND Crystals store in Salem, Massachusetts
    1. Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals: Like us, crystals can absorb energies, so it's essential to cleanse them. Charging and cleansing your crystals can help them maintain their natural vibration and energy. Most can be rinsed under cool water (note that sone crystals cannot, so be sure to double check before doing so!), or placed under moonlight to cleanse. Smoke is another popular method for cleansing. The most popular methods to charge crystals are by using sunlight, moonlight (especially during a full moon), and sound. 
    2. Setting Intentions: Hold your crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and set an intention. This can be anything from finding inner peace to attracting abundance.
    3. Daily Connection: Take a moment each day to hold it, setting a positive intention or affirming your intentions. 
    4. Workplace Buddy: Keep a crystal by your workspace to boost focus and creativity while working or studying. 
    5. Incorporate in Meditation: During your meditation sessions, hold a crystal that aligns with your meditation's focus. Let its energy guide you deeper into your practice.

      Closing Thoughts: Embrace the Crystal Journey

      Just as your aura reflects your unique energy, each crystal resonates with distinct vibrations and energy. By inviting crystals into your life, you're opening the door to a world of self-discovery, healing, and positive transformation. Remember, your crystal journey is unique and personal to you, so have fun with exploring, experimenting, and embracing the magic of these natural treasures!

      Note: Incorporating crystals into your daily routine can enhance your well-being, but they are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

      Stay tuned for more crystal insights and tips on how to harness their power for your well-being!

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