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Aura Colors: Their Meaning and What They Say About You

Aura Colors: Their Meaning and What They Say About You

Here’s How to Discover Your Aura Colors and Their Meaning 

Your aura is what is commonly known as your “vibe” because it is literally your cells vibrating at a certain frequency, like a radio station folks around you can tune into.

Your aura shows up as a set of colors and those colors reflect your current state of being.

You may be wondering "So how do I find my aura color?"

The best way to find out what colors are reflected in your aura is through aura photography and aura imaging. From there, you can use the handy guide below to understand what your aura colors mean and what that says about you. 

What color is your aura and what does that mean?

Please note that this post is meant to serve as a helpful guide and handy tool to understanding your aura colors in a general way.

For a deeper dive and more extensive information about your aura colors, we recommend booking a reading. Aura colors can mean different things when they blend, change density, or show up in certain placements.

We are merely scratching the surface here. Remember that your aura changes as your energetic state does, so it might look completely different depending what you’re going through at the time of a reading.

What do the different aura colors mean?

What does a green aura mean?

Sigh, we love green auras. Generally speaking, folks with a lot of green or sections of really bright green in their auras are really easy to be around. Connected to the heart chakra and elements of nature, having green in your aura can indicate that you are well balanced in matters of care between self and others. Watch for murky, muddy greens which might indicate that you’re lingering in feelings of jealousy or insecurity.

Green aura meaning
Green aura meaning


What does a red aura mean?

Ah red! The color of passion and manifestation! If you have a lot of red, or very bright red parts of your aura, you are likely someone very action-oriented and driven to make things happen. You can take what’s intangible and make it real and that is your superpower! The shadowier shades of red can represent stagnant anger and burn out. 

What does a red aura mean?
Red aura meaning


What does a yellow aura mean?

Hello sunshine! If you are a person with a lot of yellow in your aura, you are likely radiating a very warm energy and inspiring those around you just by being your most authentic self. Yellow in an aura is often linked with self-esteem, joy, and positivity. Just watch out for its shadow side which comes up as over compensation and perfectionism. 

What does a yellow aura mean?Yellow aura meaning


What does an orange aura mean?

Think of an orange aura as the campfire people gather around for warmth. You are all about connection and relationship. People with a lot of orange in their auras tend to place high value on family and friendship. You’re quick to make friends and want to live life to the fullest. Watch that your restlessness doesn’t make you non-committal or codependent, which can show up in an aura photograph as a darker, muddier orange. 

What does an orange aura mean?Orange aura meaning


What does a blue aura mean?

In art, the color blue is often used to represent depth and the horizon. Similarly, blue in your aura represents deep knowing. Intuition and authenticity can both show up as different shades of blue in your aura. The lighter the blue, the more geared towards genuine self expression you are. The darker the shade, the more you can rely on your deep sense of knowing. In other words, darker blues are all about truth seeking and lighter blues are all about truth telling. Blues verging towards navy and black might indicate a need to reconnect to that truth and intuition. 

What does a blue aura mean?Blue aura meaning


What does a purple aura mean?

“I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain.” Was Prince singing about auras? We’re not sure, but people with purple in their auras are extremely charismatic and globally focused. The color purple is associated with the crown chakra which connects you to the cosmos, so it’s like you are literally laughing in the purple rain of universal knowledge and wisdom. You’re likely someone highly innovative and open minded. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to let yourself lean into that higher awareness and keep your channel open so you can share what you know with the world! 

What does a purple aura mean?Purple aura meaning

What does a white aura mean?

Hello earth angel, love what you’ve done with your halo! White in an aura is a connection to the ethereal state of things. In other words, you are divinely connected, free from earthly problems. Seriously though, this is a very beautiful thing to see in your aura. It is pure open-mindedness and enlightenment. Its shadow side will show up a little gray and can indicate that you’re going through a big transition and stuck in the in between of two things. 


White aura meaning
White aura meaning

Here's a handy aura color meaning chart to summarize what you've just learned. But if you want to continue down the rabbit hole, you can find out more about aura colors and how they relate to your chakras here.

Aura Colour Meaning ChartAura Colour Meaning Chart 

Can your aura colors change over time?

You are a living being in a state of constant flux. Your energy, the way it flows through you and appears in your aura will always change with you. While some folks do have dominant colors that follow them throughout their lives, your aura can look completely different from one photograph to the next. The colors, their placements, intensity, and shades can all shift as your situation does. That’s why some people have their auras photographed on a regular basis. 

At the end of the day, your aura is a reflection of your current energetic state. It provides key insights into your current strengths, where you are extra vibrant, and where you might need to place a little extra attention and care. Having your aura photographed and read can be a beautiful support in building your self-care practice. You can always book a reading with one of our healers to dive deeper into your personal aura and all of the wisdom it contains.



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